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On 7/24/11 10:04 AM, wrote:
Hi all,

We'd like to contribute a binary distribution package for Cyrus SASL
2.1.23 and 2.1.24rc1 and we were told to post a message on this list. We
have noticed that there is no link on the below page to download an

The proposed distribution supports the following mechanisms:

g) OTP
i) SRP

We are committed to long term support and keeping the packages updated.

Thanks in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi Sergio,

Please allow me to apologize. When you initially contacted me off-list, you probably told me you were interested in providing a binary distribution and I probably missed that. When I saw that you were suggesting to add a link to the docs/cyrus-sasl/2.1.23/windows.php page, I mentioned to you that these pages aren't part of the mediawiki installation, but rather they're generated from the /docs directory of the cyrus-sasl download tarball. That's why I then suggested you send a documentation patch to the cyrus-sasl list.

Now that I finally understand what you're offering, hopefully I can get this resolved.

I think it might make more sense to put your link at since that's where folks looking to download Cyrus SASL would be looking. If you agree, you already have a MediaWiki account that would allow you to add the link there now.

I see that you subscribed to the cyrus-sasl mailing list, and I would like to see you remain subscribed such that you may answer any questions about your distribution.

Finally, I also cc'd Alexey Melnikov, Dan White and Ken Murchison on this message. They're the folks who probably care the most about Cyrus SASL at this point. From my perspective, I want to get as many folks on board to assist with Project Cyrus as possible and I welcome your contribution. I wanted to make sure nobody else has any issues with you providing a binary distro, though. Anyone? Do you guys agree with where to put the download link? Should we host the binary distro files somewhere on, or is an external link sufficient?



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