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Hi Lorenzo,

Wow, thanks! Unfortunately, CentOS uses 2.1.22... will either of your patches work on that older version? If not, it would be great to get a patch for 2.1.22 as well. That patch could then be submitted to RedHat (and hence CentOS) for inclusion in the next release.

						--- Amir

At 4:00 PM +0200 05/22/2011, Lorenzo Catucci wrote:
Since I've seen some other people requesting the functionality [*], I think
someone could like getting a courtesy copy of a bugzilla entry I've just
filed on

I'm attaching both a 2.1.23 and a 2.1.24 version of the patch, since there is a merge conflict between the former and 2.1.24 sources.

I'd be grateful about any comment - review - test which could help with upstreaming my patch.

Please keep in mind that I'm unable to test on a solaris box; therefore,
the ipc_doors changes should be treated as VERY SUSPECT; still, I think they make sense, and would be twice as grateful to any solaris tester...

Thank you very much, yours


[*] In particular, a google search lead to the following pages:
     "saslauthd/PAM IP logging on failure"   - 2011-03-26
     "saslauthd using pam does not log rhost (remote host) IP/hostname
          or requested login in /var/log/secure" - 2011-03-10
     "PAM authentication - Remote host"      - 2010-07-13
     "remote client ip"                      - 2010-05-24

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