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I've tested the exact same operations (install from scratch and yum
install cyrus-sasl) on Scientific Linux 4 (RHEL 4) and cyrus-sasl 2.1.19
5.EL4, everything works perfectly fine with my first try...

With an RHEL 4 server (sasl2-sample-server) and an RHEL 5 client
(sasl2-sample-client), everything works fine...

With an RHEL 5 server (sasl2-sample-server) and an RHEL 4 client
(sasl2-sample-client), authentication failed...

The problem is clearly with a RHEL 5 acting as a sasl server

Is there any known bug or issue with 2.1.22 5.el5_4.3 / with RHEL 5 ?




Le 30/03/2011 22:55, Remi Ferrand a écrit :
> Hi,
> Thanks for your answer :)
> Le 30/03/2011 19:36, omalleys@xxxxxxx a écrit :
>> I was thinking you needed a gss.conf file but that might be solaris.
> No, you're right, there's a gss configuration file which is
> /etc/gssapi_mech.conf on RedHat like Operation Systems. Mine is correct
> and 32b / 64b compliant :)
>> I dont see the testsasl.conf file which should be in like /etc/sasl2 or
>> /usr/lib/sasl2/ (on the server machine for the service "testsasl"
> I agree with the necessity of a per service configuration file when the
> saslauthd is involved, isn't it ?
> In my case, the saslauthd is not running and I'm just trying to use the
> library directly with the sample apps.
> On a Debian system, the exactly same operations works perfectly and sasl
> authentication succeeds... that's why I do not understant why this isn't
> working from scratch on Scientific Linux...
> I've tried every thing :
> 1) Downloading sources from
> 2) ./configure --prefix=$PWD/install
> --with-plugindir=$PWD/install/lib/sasl2 --disable-anon --without-des
> 3) make && make install
> 4) cd sample; make
> With a fresh compiled cyrus-sasl v2.1.23, the same tests failed using
> sample apps and GSSAPI mechanism.
> Something must be wrong on my system but I can't figure out what...
> every thing is installed throw *yum* and has already been tested by many
> other users...
> Any other idea is welcomed :)
> Cheers
> R.


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