Re: postfix+saslauthd - postfix/smtpd doesn't use saslauthd

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On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 11:57:42 +0100
T Linden <bsd@xxxxxxxxx> articulated:

> Hello,
> I can't get working smtp-auth with postfix

Seriously, this problem belongs on the Postfix forum. Before posting
there be sure to read the information available at:

Particularly this:

Output from "postconf -n". Please do not send your file, or
500+ lines of postconf output.

Better, provide output from the postfinger tool. This can be found at

If the problem is SASL related, consider including the output from the
saslfinger tool. This can be found at

If you are not a member of their mail forum, start here:

Good luck.

Gerard â

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