Re: API to fetch channel binding (SSL) information?

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Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the sasl_setprop and
sasl_getprop calls to say what would be involved in allowing a calling
application to store certificate information.

On 10/11/10 11:42 -0800, William Mills wrote:
That's what I figured.  Is there enough passed into the SASL initiation to
be able to have a callback hook into the app for it?

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On 10/11/10 08:50 -0800, William Mills wrote:
>Is there an API to be able to fetch the SSL peer certificate?  I'm
looking at doing channel binding.  Alternatively has anyone looked at
the challenges to adding this as a supported option to sasl_getprop()?

The SASL library doesn't, itself, participate in the SSL/TLS
so it does not have access to any certificate information unless it it
passed to it by the calling application (in the form of an

This thread should have more information:

Dan White

Dan White

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