Re: how i can delete {37} mailbox

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Again, you may have more luck if you re-post your question on info-cyrus.

--On 10. August 2010 11:19:00 +0200 schum <schum@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

i enabled virtual domain support.and set defaultdomain
cat / etc / imapd.conf
virtdomains: yes

I have no experience with that feature.

i have called it
perl user/schum.ndd@xxxxxxxxxx secretpassword

here, the script

If that's really the same script, the password isn't actually used by it ... but I don't understand how that call could've caused the creation of those mailboxes. Perhaps there's some interaction with the virtdomain feature that I'm not aware of.

Do you have the output the script printed when you ran it?
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