Re: [PATCH v4 13/36] lib: prevent module unloading if memory is not freed

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On Mon, Feb 26, 2024 at 05:58:40PM +0100, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> On 2/21/24 20:40, Suren Baghdasaryan wrote:
> > Skip freeing module's data section if there are non-zero allocation tags
> > because otherwise, once these allocations are freed, the access to their
> > code tag would cause UAF.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Suren Baghdasaryan <surenb@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I know that module unloading was never considered really supported etc.

If its not supported then we should not have it on modules. Module
loading and unloading should just work, otherwise then this should not
work with modules and leave them in a zombie state.


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