RE: Do we still need SLAB_MEM_SPREAD (and possibly others)?

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Adding the maintainers of cpuset of cgroup.

> On Sun, 4 Feb 2024, Song, Xiongwei wrote:
> > Once SLAB_MEM_SPREAD is removed, IMO, cpuset.memory_spread_slab is useless.
> SLAB_MEM_SPREAD does not do anything anymore. SLUB relies on the
> "spreading" via the page allocator memory policies instead of doing its
> own like SLAB used to do.
> What does FILE_SPREAD_SLAB do? Dont see anything there either.

The FILE_SPREAD_SLAB flag is used by cpuset.memory_spread_slab with read/write operations:

In kernel/cgroup/cpuset.c, 
static struct cftype legacy_files[] = {
... snip ...
                .name = "memory_spread_slab",
                .read_u64 = cpuset_read_u64,
                .write_u64 = cpuset_write_u64,
                .private = FILE_SPREAD_SLAB,
... snip ...


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