Re: [External] Re: [PATCH] blk-throttle: Fix io statistics for cgroup v1

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在 2023/3/30 上午2:54, Tejun Heo 写道:
On Tue, Mar 28, 2023 at 10:23:09PM +0800, Jinke Han wrote:
From: Jinke Han <hanjinke.666@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Now the io statistics of cgroup v1 are no longer accurate. Although
in the long run it's best that rstat is a good implementation of
cgroup v1 io statistics. But before that, we'd better fix this issue.

Can you please expand on how the stats are wrong on v1 and how the patch
fixes it?


Now blkio.throttle.io_serviced and blkio.throttle.io_serviced become the only stable io stats interface of cgroup v1, and these statistics are done in the blk-throttle code. But the current code only counts the bios that are actually throttled. When the user does not add the throttle limit, the io stats for cgroup v1 has nothing. I fix it according to the statistical method of v2, and made it count all ios accurately.


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