Re: [PATCH v3] sched: cpuset: Don't rebuild root domains on suspend-resume

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On 23/02/2023 16:38, Qais Yousef wrote:

IMHO the patch title is misleading since what you want to avoid in
certain cases is that the RD DL accounting is updated.

> On 02/06/23 22:14, Qais Yousef wrote:
>> Commit f9a25f776d78 ("cpusets: Rebuild root domain deadline accounting information")
>> enabled rebuilding root domain on cpuset and hotplug operations to
>> correct deadline accounting.
>> Rebuilding root domain is a slow operation and we see 10+ of ms delays
>> on suspend-resume because of that (worst case captures 20ms which
>> happens often).
>> Since nothing is expected to change on suspend-resume operation; skip
>> rebuilding the root domains to regain the some of the time lost.
>> Achieve this by refactoring the code to pass whether dl accoutning needs
>> an update to rebuild_sched_domains(). And while at it, rename
>> rebuild_root_domains() to update_dl_rd_accounting() which I believe is
>> a more representative name since we are not really rebuilding the root
>> domains, but rather updating dl accounting at the root domain.
>> Some users of rebuild_sched_domains() will skip dl accounting update
>> now:
>> 	* Update sched domains when relaxing the domain level in cpuset
>> 	  which only impacts searching level in load balance

This one is cpuset related. (1)

>> 	* update sched domains when cpufreq governor changes and we need
>> 	  to create the perf domains

This one is drivers/base/arch_topology.c [arm/arm64/...] related. (2)

There are several levels of passing this `update_dl_accounting`
information through. I guess it looks like this:


arm/arm64/riscv/parisc specific:
update_topology_flags_workfn()		true
rebuild_sched_domains_energy()		false (2)

cpuset_hotplug_workfn()                 cpus_updated ||
                         force_rebuild == CPUSET_FORCE_REBUILD_PRS_ERROR


  update_cpumasks_hier()		true
  update_relax_domain_level()		false (1)
  update_flag()				true
  update_prstate()			true


    ->partition_and_rebuild_sched_domains(..., update_dl_accounting)

        if (update_dl_accounting)

There is already a somehow hidden interface for `sd/rd rebuild`

  int __weak arch_update_cpu_topology(void)

which lets partition_sched_domains_locked() figure out whether sched
domains have to be rebuild..

But in your case it is more on the interface `cpuset/hotplug -> sd/rd
rebuild` and not only `arch -> `sd/rd rebuild``.

IMHO, it would be still nice to have only one way to tell `sd/rd
rebuild` what to do and what not to do during sd/rd/(pd) rebuild.


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