Re: 1x port from bond down causes all osd down in a single machine

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On March 26, 2024 5:02:16 PM GMT+01:00, "Szabo, Istvan (Agoda)" <Istvan.Szabo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Wonder what we are missing from the netplan configuration on ubuntu which ceph needs to tolerate properly.
>We are using this bond configuration on ubuntu 20.04 with octopus ceph:
>    bond1:
>      macaddress: x.x.x.x.x.50
>      dhcp4: no
>      dhcp6: no
>      addresses:
>        -
>      interfaces:
>        - ens2f0np0
>        - ens2f1np1
>      mtu: 9000
>      parameters:
>        mii-monitor-interval: 100
>        mode: 802.3ad
>        lacp-rate: fast
>        transmit-hash-policy: layer3+4
>ens2f1np1 failed and caused slow ops, all osd down ... = disaster
>Any idea what is wrong with this bond config?
Two things come to my mind. Is LACP correctly configured on the switch side? And maybe some STP type problem, hence the switch again. Or is only one interface up/connected?

How does the current state of the bond look?
cat /proc/net/bonding/bond1

Hi Szabo,
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