Cephadm host keeps trying to set osd_memory_target to less than minimum

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I have a virtual ceph cluster running 17.2.6 with 4 ubuntu 22.04 hosts in it, each with 4 OSD's attached. The first 2 servers hosting mgr's have 32GB of RAM each, and the remaining have 24gb 
For some reason i am unable to identify, the first host in the cluster appears to constantly be trying to set the osd_memory_target variable to roughly half of what the calculated minimum is for the cluster, i see the following spamming the logs constantly
Unable to set osd_memory_target on my-ceph01 to 480485376: error parsing value: Value '480485376' is below minimum 939524096
Default is set to 4294967296.
I did double check and osd_memory_base (805306368) + osd_memory_cache_min (134217728) adds up to minimum exactly
osd_memory_target_autotune is currently enabled. But i cannot for the life of me figure out how it is arriving at 480485376 as a value for that particular host that even has the most RAM. Neither the cluster or the host is even approaching max utilization on memory, so it's not like there are processes competing for resources.
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