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On Monday, March 25, 2024 1:46:26 PM EDT Ralph Boehme wrote:
> Hi John,
> On 3/21/24 20:12, John Mulligan wrote:
> > I'd like to formally let the wider community know of some work I've been
> > involved with for a while now: adding Managed SMB Protocol Support to
> > Ceph.
 SMB being the well known network file protocol native to Windows
> > systems and supported by MacOS (and Linux). The other key word "managed"
> > meaning integrating with Ceph management tooling - in this particular
> > case cephadm for orchestration and eventually a new MGR module for
> > managing SMB shares. 
> > The effort is still in it's very early stages. We have a PR adding
> > initial
> > support for Samba Containers to cephadm [1] and a prototype for an smb
> > MGR
> > module [2]. We plan on using container images based on the
> > samba-container
> > project [3] - a team I am already part of. What we're aiming for is a
> > feature
 set similar to the current NFS integration in Ceph, but with a
> > focus on bridging non-Linux/Unix clients to CephFS using a protocol built
> > into those systems.
> > 
> > A few major features we have planned include:
> > * Standalone servers (internally defined users/groups)
> > * Active Directory Domain Member Servers
> > * Clustered Samba support
> > * Exporting Samba stats via Prometheus metrics
> > * A `ceph` cli workflow loosely based on the nfs mgr module
> > 
> > I wanted to share this information in case there's wider community
> > interest in
 this effort.
> certainly! :)
> If it makes sense, you may want to pull in samba-technical where it 
> makes sense.

Absolutely.  I'm currently focusing on the basics and those are mostly good-
to-go for our needs in current samba releases.  In the future, I'm sure we'll 
run into times where technical help or changes will be needed.

> If there's a need, you can also pull me in directly  into 
> meetings or other channels to discuss things.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

> Looking forward to seeing you at SambaXP, at least virtually.

You too. :-)

> Any plans  to attend SDC from you or others from your team?

I'm unsure. I'll ask around.

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