Re: RGW: Cannot write to bucket anymore

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On Tue, Mar 19, 2024 at 01:19:34PM +0100, Malte Stroem wrote:
> I checked the policies, lifecycle and versioning.
> Nothing. The user has FULL_CONTROL. Same settings for the user's other 
> buckets he can still write to.
> Wenn setting debugging to higher numbers all I can see is something like 
> this while trying to write to the bucket:
Did you get to debug_rgw=20 & debug_ms=1?
> s3:put_obj reading permissions 
> s3:put_obj init op
> s3:put_obj verifying op mask
> s3:put_obj verifying op permissions
> op->ERRORHANDLER: err_no=-13 new_err_no=-13
> cache get: name=default.rgw.log++script.postrequest. : hit (negative entry)
> s3:put_obj op status=0
> s3:put_obj http status=403
> 1 ====== req done req=0x7fe8bb60a710 op status=0 http_status=403 
> latency=0.000000000s ======
Does an object of the same name exist, possibly versioned, somehow owned
by a different user?

`radosgw-admin object stat --bucket=... --object=...`

IIRC there would be specific messages saying it was denied by policy,
but I haven't checked that part of the codebase in some time.

Robin Hugh Johnson
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