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On 13/02/2024 13:31, Torkil Svensgaard wrote:

Cephadm Reef 18.2.0.

We would like to remove our cluster_network without stopping the cluster and without having to route between the networks.

global            advanced  cluster_network                       * global            advanced  public_network                       *

The documentation[1] states:

You may specifically assign static IP addresses or override cluster_network settings using the cluster_addr setting for specific OSD daemons.

So for one OSD at a time I could set cluster_addr to override the cluster_network IP and use the public_network IP instead? As the containers are using host networking they have access to both IPs and will just layer 2 the traffic, avoiding routing?

When all OSDs are running with a public_network IP set via cluster_addr we can just delete the cluster_network setting and then remove all the ceph_addr settings, as with no cluster_network setting the public_network setting will be used?

We tried with one OSD and it seems to work. Anyone see a problem with this approach?

Turned out to be even simpler for this setup where the OSD containers have access til both host networks:

1) ceph config rm global cluster_network -> nothing happened, no automatic redeploy or restart

2) Restart OSDs






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