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Le 05/03/2024 à 11:54:34+0100, Robert Sander a écrit


> On 3/5/24 11:05, Albert Shih wrote:
> > But I like to clean up and «erase» everything about rgw ?  not only to try
> > to understand but also because I think I mixted up between realm and
> > zonegroup...
> Remove the service with "ceph orch rm …" and then remove all the pools the
> rgw services has created. They usually have "rgw" in their name.

Yess...that's the point I was missing. 

So now I can create

I eventually make the command 

  ceph rgw realm bootstrap --realm-name fr --zonegroup-name obspm --zone-name Meudon --port 5500 --placement 'label:services' --zone_endpoints 'http://cthulhu1.*****:5500, http://cthulhu2.*****:5500, http://cthulhu3.*****:5500, http://cthulhu4.*****:5500, http://cthulhu5.*****:5500' --start-radosgw
work (meaning end without error)

But I don't known why (maybe related to the zone_endpoints ? ) the radosgw
didn't start. And I'm not be able to find how using 

  ceph rgw

to start radogsw.


Albert SHIH 🦫 🐸
Heure locale/Local time:
mar. 05 mars 2024 14:15:40 CET
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