Question about erasure coding on cephfs

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Hi Y'all,

We have a new ceph cluster online that looks like this:

md-01 : monitor, manager, mds
md-02 : monitor, manager, mds
md-03 : monitor, manager
store-01 : twenty 30TB NVMe OSDs
store-02 : twenty 30TB NVMe OSDs

The cephfs storage is using erasure coding at 4:2. The crush domain is set to "osd".

(I know that's not optimal but let me get to that in a minute)

We have a current regular single NFS server (nfs-01) with the same storage as the OSD servers above (twenty 30TB NVME disks). We want to wipe the NFS server and integrate it into the above ceph cluster as "store-03". When we do that, we would then have three OSD servers. We would then switch the crush domain to "host".

My question is this: Given that we have 4:2 erasure coding, would the data rebalance evenly across the three OSD servers after we add store-03 such that if a single OSD server went down, the other two would be enough to keep the system online? Like, with 4:2 erasure coding, would 2 shards go on store-01, then 2 shards on store-02, and then 2 shards on store-03? Is that how I understand it?

Thanks for any insight!

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