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On 2/26/24 15:24, Michael Worsham wrote:
So how would I be able to put in configurations like this into it?

         fsid = 46620486-b8a6-11ee-bf23-6510c4d9efa7
         mon_host = [v2:,v1:] [v2:,v1:]
         osd pool default size = 3
         osd pool default min size = 2
         osd pool default pg num = 256
         osd pool default pgp num = 256
         mon_max_pg_per_osd = 800
         osd max pg per osd hard ratio = 10
         mon allow pool delete = true
         auth cluster required = cephx
         auth service required = cephx
         auth client required = cephx
         ms_mon_client_mode = crc

         host = ceph-mon1
         log_file = /var/log/ceph/client.radosgw.mon1.log
         rgw_dns_name = ceph-mon1
         rgw_frontends = "beast port=80 num_threads=500"
         rgw_crypt_require_ssl = false

ceph config assimilate-conf may be of help here.

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