list topic shows endpoint url and username e password

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Hello everyone,

we are facing a problem regarding the topic operations to send notification, particularly when using amqp protocol.

We are using Ceph version 18.2.1. We have created a topic by giving as attributes all needed information and so the push-endpoint (in our case a rabbit endpoint that is used to collect notification messages). Then we have configured all the buckets in our cluster Ceph so that it is possible to send notification when some changes occur.

The problem regards particularly the list_topic operation: we noticed that any authenticated user is able to get a full list of the created topics and with them to get all the information, including endpoint,  and so username and password and IP and port, when using the boto3.set_stream_logger(), which is not good for our goal since we do not want the users to know implementation details.

There is the possibility to solve this problem? Any help would be useful.

Thanks and best regards.

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