User + Dev Meetup February 22 - CephFS Snapshots story!

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Hi everyone,

You are invited to join us at the User + Dev meeting this week Thursday,
February 22 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time!

Focus Topic: CephFS Snapshots Evaluation
Presented by: Enrico Bocchi and Abhishek Lekshmanan, Ceph operators from

>From the presenters:

Ceph at CERN provides block, object, and file storage backing the IT
infrastructure of the Organization. CephFS, in particular, is largely used
through the integration with OpenStack Manila by container-based workloads
(Kubernetes, OpenShift), HPC MPI clusters, and as a general-purpose
networked file system for enterprise groupware and open infrastructure
technologies (code/software repositories, monitoring, analytics, etc.).

Our presentation focuses on CephFS snapshots and their implications on
performance and stability. Snapshots would be a valuable addition to our
existing CephFS service, as they allow for storage rollback and disaster
recovery through mirroring. According to our observations, however, they
introduce a non-negligible performance penalty and may jeopardize the
stability of the file system.

In particular, we would like to discuss:
1. Experiences with CephFS snapshots from other operators in the Ceph
2. Tools and strategies one can deploy to pre-empty or mitigate issues.
3. How to effectively contribute with upstream developers and interested
community users to address the identified limitations.

Feel free to add questions or additional topics under the "Open Discussion"
section on the agenda:

If you have an idea for a focus topic you'd like to present at a future
meeting, you are welcome to submit it to this Google Form:
Any Ceph user or developer is eligible to submit!

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