change ip node and public_network in cluster

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I have implemented a ceph cluster with cephadm which has three monitors and
three OSDs
each node have one interface network.
I want to change the address of the machines to the range
Is there a solution for this change without data loss and failure?
i change the pubic_network in mon and change the ip node but its not worked
how can i sovle this problem?
ceph orch host ls
HOST     ADDR           LABELS      STATUS
ceph-01  _admin,rgw
ceph-02  _admin,rgw
ceph-03  _admin,rgw
3 hosts in cluster

[root@ceph-01 ~]# ceph config get mon public_network
[root@ceph-01 ~]# ceph orch ls
NAME                               PORTS        RUNNING  REFRESHED  AGE
alertmanager                       ?:9093,9094      1/1  112s ago   9M
ceph-exporter                                       3/3  114s ago   8M   *
crash                                               3/3  114s ago   9M   *
grafana                            ?:3000           1/1  112s ago   8M
mgr                                                 2/2  113s ago   9M
mon                                                 3/3  114s ago   8M
node-exporter                      ?:9100           3/3  114s ago   9M   *
osd.dashboard-admin-1685787597651                     6  114s ago   8M   *
prometheus                         ?:9095           1/1  112s ago   3M
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