concept of ceph and 2 datacenters

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hi there,
i have a design/concept question, to see, whats outside and which kind of redundancy you use.

actually, we use 2 ceph cluster with rbd-mirror to have an cold-standby clone. but, rbd mirror is not application consistend. so we cannot be sure, that all vms (kvm/proxy) are running.
we also waste a lot of hardware.

so now, we think about one big cluster over the two datacenters (two buildings).

my queston is, do you care about ceph redundancy or is one ceph with backups enough for you? i know, with ceph, we are aware of hdd or server failure. but, are software failures a real scenario?

would be great, to get some ideas from you.
also about the bandwidth between the 2 datacenters.
we are using 2x 6 proxmox server with 2x6x9 osd (sas ssd).

thanks for help, my minds are rotating.

kind regards,

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