Re: What is the proper way to setup Rados Gateway (RGW) under Ceph?

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Can anyone help me on this? I can't be that hard to do.

-- Michael

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Subject:  What is the proper way to setup Rados Gateway (RGW) under Ceph?

I have setup a 'reef' Ceph Cluster using Cephadm and Ansible in a VMware ESXi 7 / Ubuntu 22.04 lab environment per the how-to guide provided here:

The installation steps were fairly easy and I was able to get the environment up and running in about 15 minutes under VMware ESXi 7. I have buckets and pools already setup. However, the site is confusing on how to setup the Rados Gateway (radosgw) with Multi-site -- Is a copy of HAProxy also needed for handling the front-end load balancing or is it implied that Ceph sets it up?

Command-line scripting I was planning on using for setting up the RGW:
radosgw-admin realm create --rgw-realm=sandbox --default radosgw-admin zonegroup create --rgw-zonegroup=sandbox  --master --default radosgw-admin zone create --rgw-zonegroup=sandbox --rgw-zone=sandbox --master --default radosgw-admin period update --rgw-realm=sandbox --commit ceph orch apply rgw sandbox --realm=sandbox --zone=sandbox --placement="2 ceph-mon1 ceph-mon2" --port=8000 ```

What other steps are needed to get the RGW up and running so that it can be presented to something like Veeam for doing performance and I/O testing concepts?

-- Michael

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