Re: PSA: Long Standing Debian/Ubuntu build performance issue (fixed, backports in progress)

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On 09-02-2024 14:18, Maged Mokhtar wrote:
Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for highlighting this issue...I have 2 questions:

1) In the patch comments:

/"but we fail to populate this setting down when building external projects. this is important when it comes to the projects which is critical to the performance. RocksDB is one of them."/

Do we have similar issues with other sub-projects ? boost ? spdk .. ?

2) The chart shown on "rocksdb submit latency", going from over 10 ms to below 5 this during write i/o under heavy load ?

Those numbers are from a Proxmox cluster. Based on our cluster the RocksDB commit latency went from ~ 120 usec to ~ 25 usec (factor 5-6).

Gr. Stefan
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