Does it impact write performance when SSD applies into block.wal (not block.db)

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Hi everyone,

I saw the bluestore can separate block.db, block.wal.
In my case, I'd like to apply hybrid device which uses SSD, HDD to improve
the small data write performance.
but I don't have enough SSD to cover block.db and block.wal.
so I think it can impact performance even though SSD applies into just
I just know that block.wal depends on rocksdb cache size as parameters. SSD
might not need too much.

When I use SSD just into block.wal,
Does it impact the write performance of the small data?

Should I make lv of ssd per osd for block.wal?

How much SSD do I need for block.wal relative to HDD(if I have 100TB)?
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