Re: RBD Image Returning 'Unknown Filesystem LVM2_member' On Mount - Help Please

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Le dimanche 4 février 2024, 09:29:04 CET duluxoz a écrit :
> Hi Cedric,
> That's what I thought - the access method shouldn't make a difference.
> No, no lvs details at all - I mean, yes, the osds show up with the lvs 
> command on the ceph node(s), but not on the individual pools/images (on 
> the ceph node or the client) - this is, of course, that I'm doing this 
> right (and there's no guarantee of that).
> To clarify: entering `lvs` on the client (which has the rbd image 
> "attached" as /dev/rbd0) returns nothing, and `lvs` on any of the ceph 
> nodes only returns the data for each OSD/HDD.


I think that /dev/rbd* devices are flitered "out" or not filter "in" by the fiter 
option in the devices section of /etc/lvm/lvm.conf.

So pvscan (pvs, vgs and lvs) don't look at your device.

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