Unable to mount ceph

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A little basic question.

I created a volume with 

  ceph fs volume

then a subvolume called «erasure» I can see that with 

root@cthulhu1:/etc/ceph# ceph fs subvolume info cephfs erasure
    "atime": "2024-02-02 11:02:07",
    "bytes_pcent": "undefined",
    "bytes_quota": "infinite",
    "bytes_used": 0,
    "created_at": "2024-02-02 11:02:07",
    "ctime": "2024-02-02 14:12:30",
    "data_pool": "data_ec",
    "features": [
    "gid": 0,
    "mode": 16877,
    "mon_addrs": [
    "mtime": "2024-02-02 14:12:30",
    "path": "/volumes/_nogroup/erasure/998e3bdf-f92b-4508-99ed-69f03a7303e9",
    "pool_namespace": "",
    "state": "complete",
    "type": "subvolume",
    "uid": 0

>From the mon server I was able to mount the «partition» with 

  mount -t ceph admin@fXXXXXXX-c0f2-11ee-9307-f7e3b9f03075.cephfs=/volumes/_nogroup/erasure/998e3bdf-f92b-4508-99ed-69f03a7303e9 /mnt

but on my test client I'm unable to mount 

root@ceph-vo-m:/etc/ceph# mount -t ceph vo@fxxxxxxx-c0f2-11ee-9307-f7e3b9f03075.cephfs=/volumes/_nogroup/erasure/998e3bdf-f92b-4508-99ed-69f03a7303e9/ /vo --verbose
parsing options: rw
source mount path was not specified
unable to parse mount source: -22

So I copy the /etc/ceph/ceph.conf on my client

Put the /etc/ceph/ceph.client.vo.keyring on my client

No firewall between the client/cluster.

Weird part is when I run a tcpdump on my client I didn't see any tcp

Anyway to debug this pb ? 



Albert SHIH 🦫 🐸
Heure locale/Local time:
ven. 02 févr. 2024 16:21:01 CET
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