Re: pacific 16.2.15 QE validation status

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On Thu, Feb 1, 2024 at 5:23 PM Yuri Weinstein <yweinste@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Update.
> Seeking approvals/reviews for:
> rados - Radek, Laura, Travis, Adam King (see Laura's comments below)
> rgw - Casey approved
> fs - Venky approved
> rbd - Ilya

No issues in RBD, formal approval is pending on [1] which also spills
into RADOS (same job, I believe).

> krbd - Ilya


> upgrade/nautilus-x (pacific) - fixed by Casey
> upgrade/octopus-x (pacific) - Adam King is looking
> upgrade/pacific-x (quincy) - blocked by
> (Laura, Dan, Adam pls take a
> look)
> upgrade/pacific-p2p - Ilya PTL (maybe rbd related?)

I can answer only for failures -- 3 out of 5 jobs
there.  They popped up because these jobs are running tests from 16.2.7
against librbd from pacific-release (i.e. almost 16.2.15).  One of the
tests happened to pass an incorrect argument and was adjusted together
with the fix for the bug in question [2].

A different variation of this came up in [3] earlier.

I don't think there is any way to fix this other than to disable
test_rbd.TestImage.test_diff_iterate test in upgrades.  We can't
account for such version mismatches when writing tests.



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