Understanding subvolumes

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In our department we're getting starting with Ceph 'reef', using Ceph FUSE client for our Ubuntu workstations.

So far so good, except I can't quite figure out one aspect of subvolumes.

When I do the commands:

[root@ceph1 ~]# ceph fs subvolumegroup create cephfs csvg
[root@ceph1 ~]# ceph fs subvolume create cephfs staff csvg --size 2000000000000
I get these results:

- A subvolume group csvg is created on volume cephfs
- A subvolume called staff is created in csvg subvolume (like /volumes/csvg/staff ) however there is no size limit set at this folder in the Ceph dashboard view
- A folder with an random UUID name is created inside the subvolume staff ( like /volumes/csvg/staff/6a1b3de5-f6ab-4878-aea3-3c3c6f96ffcf ); this folder does have a size set on it of 2TB

My questions are:
- what's the purpose of this UUID, and is it a requirement?
- which directory should be mounted for my clients, staff/ or staff/{UUID}, for the size limit to take effect?
- is there any way to hide or disable this UUID for client mounts? (eg in /etc/fstab)

[root@ceph1 ~]# ceph fs subvolume getpath cephfs staff csvg

[root@ceph1 ~]# ceph fs subvolume ls cephfs csvg
        "name": "staff"


Matthew Melendy

IT Services Specialist
CS System Services Group
FEC 3550, University of New Mexico
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