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Hello everybody,
     I would like to make a suggestion for improving performance in Ceph architecture.
     I don't know if this group would be the best place or if my proposal is correct.

     My suggestion would be in the item, at the end of the topic "Smart Daemons Enable Hyperscale".

     The Client needs to "wait" for the configured amount of replicas to be written (so that the client receives an ok and continues). This way, if there is slowness on any of the disks on which the PG will be updated, the client is left waiting.
     It would be possible:
     1-) Only record on the primary OSD
     2-) Write other replicas in background (like the same way as when an OSD fails: "degraded" ).

     This way, client has a faster response when writing to storage: improving latency and performance (throughput and IOPS).
     I would find it plausible to accept a period of time (seconds) until all replicas are ok (written asynchronously) at the expense of improving performance.
     Could you evaluate this scenario?


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