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On 25.01.2024 18:19, Marc wrote:
More and more I am annoyed with the 'dumb' design decisions of redhat. Just now I have an issue on an 'air gapped' vm that I am unable to start a docker/podman container because it tries to contact the repository to update the image and instead of using the on disk image it just fails. (Not to mention the %$#$%#$ that design containers to download stuff from the internet on startup)

I was wondering if this is also an issue with ceph-admin. Is there an issue with starting containers when container image repositories are not available or when there is no internet connection.

Of course cephadm will fail if the container registry is not available avaiable and the image isn't pulled locally.

But you don't need to use the official registry, so using it air-gaped is not a problem. Just download the images you need to your local registry and specify it, some details are here

The containers themself don't need to download anything at start.

Kai Stian Olstad
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