Re: Cephadm orchestrator and special label _admin in 17.2.7

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On 23.01.2024 18:19, Albert Shih wrote:
Just like to known if it's a very bad idea to do a rsync of /etc/ceph from
the «_admin» server to the other ceph cluster server.

I in fact add something like

for host in `cat /usr/local/etc/ceph_list_noeuds.txt`
  /usr/bin/rsync -av /etc/ceph/ceph* $host:/etc/ceph/

in a cronjob

Why not just add the _admin label to the host and let Ceph do the job?

You can also run this to get the ceph.conf copied to all host
ceph config set mgr/cephadm/manage_etc_ceph_ceph_conf true

Anyway, I don't se any problem with rsync it, it's just ceph.conf and the admin key.

Kai Stian Olstad
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