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> [...] After a few days, I have on our OSD nodes around 90MB/s
> read and 70MB/s write while 'ceph -s' have client io as
> 2,5MB/s read and 50MB/s write. [...]

This is one of my pet-peeves: that a storage system must have
capacity (principally IOPS) to handle both a maintenance
workload and a user workload, and since the former often
involves whole-storage or whole-metadata operations it can be
quite heavy, especially in the case of Ceph where rebalancing
and scrubbing and checking should be fairly frequent to detect
and correct inconsistencies.

> Is this activity OK? [...]

Indeed. Some "clever" people "save money" by "rightsizing" their
storage so it cannot run at the same time the maintenance and
the user workload, and so turn off the maintenance workload,
because they "feel lucky" I guess, but I do not recommend that.
:-). I have seen more than one Ceph cluster that did not have
the capacity even to run *just* the maintenance workload.
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