ceph pg mark_unfound_lost delete results in confused ceph

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after osd.15 died in the wrong moment there is:

#ceph health detail

[WRN] PG_AVAILABILITY: Reduced data availability: 1 pg stale
pg 10.17 is stuck stale for 3d, current state stale+active+undersized+degraded, last acting [15] [WRN] PG_DEGRADED: Degraded data redundancy: 172/57063399 objects degraded (0.000%), 1 pg degraded, 1 pg undersized pg 10.17 is stuck undersized for 3d, current state stale+active+undersized+degraded, last acting [15]

which will never resolv as there is no osd.15 anymore.

So a

ceph pg 10.17 mark_unfound_lost delete

was executed.

ceph seems to be a bit confused about pg 10.17 now:

While this worked before, its not working anymore
# ceph pg 10.17 query
Error ENOENT: i don't have pgid 10.17

And while this was pointing to 15 the map changed now to 5 and 6 ( which is correct ):
# ceph pg map 10.17
osdmap e14425 pg 10.17 (10.17) -> up [5,6] acting [5,6]

According to ceph health, ceph assumes that osd.15 is still somehow in charge.

The pg map seems to think that 10.17 is on osd.5 and osd.6

But pg 10.17 seems not to be really existing, as a query will fail.

Any idea whats going wrong and howto fix this?

Thank you!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards

Oliver Dzombic
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