Problems with "admin" bucket

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I have an issue with a Ceph 17.2.6 cluster. The dashboard says "The Object
Gateway Service is not configured" when trying to access the Object Gateway
section. It used to work before.

One interesting symptom: the "admin" bucket exists in the output of
"radosgw-admin bucket list" but it does not exist in "radosgw-admin bucket
stats". Rather, I get a number of "ERROR: could not decode buffer info,
caught buffer::error" messages from the "radosgw-admin bucket stats"
command. Also, I cannot remove the "admin" bucket because I also get the
same error (I thought about starting fresh with the admin bucket).

Could someone help me debug this further and eventually resolve the issue?

There is no critical data in the radosgw buckets (the cluster is primarily
accessed via an CephFS cluster), so clearing all radosgw buckets is an
option. Ideally, I could repair this, however.

Kind regards,
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