ceph-dashboard odd behavior when visiting through haproxy

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I'm currently trying to setup a ceph-dashboard using the official documentation on how to do so.
I've managed to log-in by just visiting the URL & port, and by visting it through haproxy. However using haproxy to visit the site results in odd behavior.

At my first login, nothing loads on the page and eventually at ~5s it times me out, sending me back to the log-in screen.
After logging back on to the dashboard, everything loads and functions as expected. I can refresh my browser as many times as I want and it still keeps on working.
After some time, usually ~30 minutes or so of inactivity, the problem arises again. 

Haproxy tells us the server is down for about ~10 seconds, running a simple HTTP check results in the following aswell: CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 seconds.
In the ceph-mgr logs there isn't any special error other than: [dashboard ERROR frontend.error] (https://*redacted*/#/login): Http failure response for https://*redacted*/ui-api/orchestrator/get_name: 401 OK None
It seems as such the ceph dashboard is "overloaded", changing haproxy config (following the official ceph documentation on how to set it up) to do health-checks less often results in the problem happening less often. 

Anything I might've overlooked that could sort out the issue?
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