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On Wed, Nov 15, 2023 at 5:57 PM Wesley Dillingham <wes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> looking into how to limit snapshots at the ceph level for RBD snapshots.
> Ideally ceph would enforce an arbitrary number of snapshots allowable per
> rbd.
> Reading the man page for rbd command I see this option:
> --limit
> Specifies the limit for the number of snapshots permitted.
> Seems perfect. But on attempting to use it as such I get an error:
> admin@rbdtest:~$ rbd create testpool/test3 --size=100M --limit=3
> rbd: unrecognised option '--limit=3'
> Where am I going wrong here? Is there another way to enforce a limit of
> snapshots for RBD? Thanks.

Hi Wes,

I think you want "rbd snap limit set --limit 3 testpool/test3".


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