RGW: user modify default_storage_class does not work

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Hi community,
I'm using Ceph version 16.2.13. I tried to set default_storage_class but seems like it didn't work.

Here is steps I did:
I already had a storage class name COLD, then I modify the user default_storage_class like this:
radosgw-admin user modify --uid testuser --placement-id default-placement --storage-class COLD

after that, user info has show correctly:
radosgw-admin user info --uid testuser
    "op_mask": "read, write, delete",
    "default_placement": "default-placement",
    "default_storage_class": "COLD",

Then I put a file using boto3, without specify any storage class:
s3.Object(bucket_name, 'testdefault-object').put(Body="0"*1000))

But the object still jump into the STANDARD storage class. I don't know if this is a bug or did I miss something?

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