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Hi All,

I note that HDD cluster commit delay improves after i turn off HDD cache. However, i also note that not all HDDs are able to turn off the cache. special I found that two HDD with same model number, one can turn off, anther doesn't. i guess i have my system config or something different setting with two HDDs.
Below is my command to turn off the HDD cache.

root@lahost008:~# sdparm --set WCE=0 /dev/sdb
 /dev/sdb: ATA ST10000NE000-3AP EN01
root@lahost008:~# cat /sys/block/sdb/queue/write_cache
 write through

I also tried sdparm to run "sdparm --set WCE=0 /dev/sdb" I got the same result.

Anyone experienced this can advise?

Thanks a lot

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