Question about PG mgr/balancer/crush_compat_metrics

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We are using a Ceph Pacific (16.2.10) cluster and enabled the balancer module, but the usage of some OSDs keeps growing and reached up to mon_osd_nearfull_ratio, which we use 85% by default, and we think the balancer module should do some balancer work.

So I checked our balancer configuration and found that our "crush_compat_metrics" is set to "pgs,objects,bytes", and this three values are used in src.pybind.mgr.balancer.module.Module.calc_eval. However, when doing the actual balance task, only the first key is used to do the auto balance, in src.pybind.mgr.balancer.module.Module.do_crush_compat:
        metrics = self.get_module_option('crush_compat_metrics').split(',')
        key = metrics[0] # balancing using the first score metric

My concern is, any reason why we calculate the balancing using the three items but only do the balance using the first one?

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