Redeploy ceph orch OSDs after reboot, but don't mark as 'unmanaged'

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We have our cluster RAM-booted, so we start from a clean slate after every reboot. That means I need to redeploy all OSD daemons as well. At the moment, I run cephadm deploy via Salt on the rebooted node, which brings the deployed OSDs back up, but the problem with this is that the deployed OSD shows up as 'unmanaged' in ceph orch ps afterwards.

I could simply skip the cephadm call and wait for the Ceph orchestrator to reconcile and auto-activate the disks, but that can take up to 15 minutes, which is unacceptable. Running ceph cephadm osd activate is not an option either, since I don't have the admin keyring deployed on the OSD hosts (I could do that, but I don't want to).

How can I manually activate the OSDs after a reboot and hand over control to the Ceph orchestrator afterwards? I checked the deployments in /var/lib/ceph/<FSID>, but the only difference I found between my manual cephadm deployment and what ceph orch does is that the device links to /dev/mapper/ceph--... instead of /dev/ceph-...

Any hints appreciated!


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