data corruption after rbd migration

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Dear ceph users and developers,

we're struggling with strange issue which I think might be a bug
causing snapshot data corruption while migrating RBD image

we've tracked it to minimal set of steps to reproduce using VM
with one 32G drive:

rbd create --size 32768 sata/D2
virsh create xml_orig.xml
rbd snap create ssd/D1@snap1
rbd export-diff ssd/D1@snap1 - | rbd import-diff - sata/D2
rbd export --export-format 1 --no-progress ssd/D1@snap1 - | xxh64sum
rbd export --export-format 1 --no-progress sata/D2@snap1 - | xxh64sum
505dde3c49775773  # <- checksums match - OK

virsh shutdown VM
rbd migration prepare ssd/D1 sata/D1Z
virsh create xml_new.xml
rbd snap create sata/D1Z@snap2
rbd export-diff --from-snap snap1 sata/D1Z@snap2 - | rbd import-diff - sata/D2
rbd migration execute sata/D1Z
rbd migration commit sata/D1Z
rbd export --export-format 1 --no-progress sata/D1Z@snap2 - | xxh64sum
rbd export --export-format 1 --no-progress sata/D2@snap2 - | xxh64sum
cc045975baf74ba8 # <- snapshosts differ

OS is alma 9 based, kernel 5.15.105, CEPH 17.2.6, qemu-8.0.3
we tried disabling VM disk caches as well as discard, to no avail.

my first question is, is it correct to assume creating snapshots while live
migrating data is safe? if so, any ideas on where the problem could be?

If I could provide more info, please let me know

with regards

nikola ciprich

Ing. Nikola CIPRICH, s.r.o.
28.rijna 168, 709 00 Ostrava

tel.:   +420 591 166 214
fax:    +420 596 621 273
mobil:  +420 777 093 799

mobil servis: +420 737 238 656
email servis: servis@xxxxxxxxxxx
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