Re: radosgw - octopus - 500 Bad file descriptor on upload

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We encountered the same kind of error for one of our users.
CEPH Version : 16.2.10

2023-10-24T17:57:22.438+0200 7fc27ab44700  0 WARNING: set_req_state_err err_no=125 resorting to 500
2023-10-24T17:57:22.439+0200 7fc584957700  0 req 12200560481916573577 143.735748291s ERROR: RESTFUL_IO(s)->complete_header() returned err=Bad file descriptor
2023-10-24T17:57:22.439+0200 7fbecfaed700  1 ====== req done req=0x7fbdb86ab600 op status=-125 http_status=500 latency=143.735748291s ======
2023-10-24T17:57:22.439+0200 7fbecfaed700  1 beast: 0x7fbdb86ab600: - dev-centralog-save [24/Oct/2023:17:54:58.703 +0200] "PUT <obfuscate>&partNumber=1 HTTP/1.1" 500 58720313 - "<agent>" - latency=143.735748291s

I haven't got any clue on the cause...
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