Re: Moving devices to a different device class?

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> The documentation describes that I could set a device class for an OSD with
> a command like:
> `ceph osd crush set-device-class CLASS OSD_ID [OSD_ID ..]`
> Class names can be arbitrary strings like 'big_nvme".  Before setting a new
> device class to an OSD that already has an assigned device class, should
> use `ceph osd crush rm-device-class ssd osd.XX`.

Yes, you can re-"name" them by removing old class and setting a new one.

> Can I proceed to directly remove these OSDs from the current device class
> and assign to a new device class? Should they be moved one by one? What is
> the way to safely protect data from the existing pool that they are mapped
> to?
Yes, the PGs on them will be misplaced, so if their pool aims to only use
and you re-label them to big-nvme instead, the PGs will look for other
OSDs to land on, and move themselves if possible. It is a fairly safe
operation where
they continue to work, but will try to evacuate the PGs which should not be

Worst case, your planning is wrong, and the "ssd" OSDs can't accept them,
and you
can just undo the relabel and the PGs come back.

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