Re: quincy v17.2.7 QE Validation status

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On Mon, Oct 16, 2023 at 2:52 PM Yuri Weinstein <yweinste@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Details of this release are summarized here:
> Release Notes - TBD
> Issue appears to be failing several runs.
> Should it be fixed for this release?
> Seeking approvals/reviews for:
> smoke - Laura
> rados - Laura, Radek, Travis, Ernesto, Adam King
> rgw - Casey
> fs - Venky
> orch - Adam King
> rbd - Ilya
> krbd - Ilya
> upgrade/quincy-p2p - Known issue IIRC, Casey pls confirm/approve

sorry, missed this part

these point-to-point upgrade tests are failing because they're running
s3-tests against older quincy releases that don't have fixes for the
bugs they're testing. we don't maintain separate tests for each point
release, so we can't expect these upgrade tests to pass in general

test_post_object_wrong_bucket is failing because it requires the
17.2.7 fix from
test_set_bucket_tagging is failing because it requires the 17.2.7 fix

so the rgw failures are expected, but i can't tell whether they're
masking other important upgrade test coverage

> client-upgrade-quincy-reef - Laura
> powercycle - Brad pls confirm
> ceph-volume - Guillaume pls take a look
> Please reply to this email with approval and/or trackers of known
> issues/PRs to address them.
> Josh, Neha - gibba and LRC upgrades -- N/A for quincy now after reef release.
> Thx
> YuriW
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