Join us for the User + Dev Meeting, happening tomorrow!

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Hi Ceph users and developers,

You are invited to join us at the User + Dev meeting tomorrow at 10:00 AM
EST! See below for more meeting details.

We have two guest speakers joining us tomorrow:

1. "CRUSH Changes at Scale" by Joshua Baergen, Digital Ocean
In this talk, Joshua Baergen will discuss the problems that operators
encounter with CRUSH changes at scale and how DigitalOcean built
pg-remapper to control and speed up CRUSH-induced backfill.

2. "CephFS Management with Ceph Dashboard" by Pedro Gonzalez Gomez, IBM
This talk will demonstrate new Dashboard behavior regarding CephFS

The last part of the meeting will be dedicated to open discussion. Feel
free to add questions for the speakers or additional topics under the "Open
Discussion" section on the agenda:

If you have an idea for a focus topic you'd like to present at a future
meeting, you are welcome to submit it to this Google Form:
Any Ceph user or developer is eligible to submit!

Laura Flores

Meeting link:

Time conversions:
UTC:                           Thursday, October 19, 14:00 UTC
Mountain View, CA, US:         Thursday, October 19,  7:00 PDT
Phoenix, AZ, US:               Thursday, October 19,  7:00 MST
Denver, CO, US:                Thursday, October 19,  8:00 MDT
Huntsville, AL, US:            Thursday, October 19,  9:00 CDT
Raleigh, NC, US:               Thursday, October 19, 10:00 EDT
London, England:               Thursday, October 19, 15:00 BST
Paris, France:                 Thursday, October 19, 16:00 CEST
Helsinki, Finland:             Thursday, October 19, 17:00 EEST
Tel Aviv, Israel:              Thursday, October 19, 17:00 IDT
Pune, India:                   Thursday, October 19, 19:30 IST
Brisbane, Australia:           Friday, October 20,  0:00 AEST
Singapore, Asia:               Thursday, October 19, 22:00 +08
Auckland, New Zealand:         Friday, October 20,  3:00 NZDT


Laura Flores


Software Engineer, Ceph Storage <>

Chicago, IL

lflores@xxxxxxx | lflores@xxxxxxxxxx <lflores@xxxxxxxxxx>
M: +17087388804
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