Re: How to deal with increasing HDD sizes ? 1 OSD for 2 LVM-packed HDDs ?

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> * Ceph cluster with old nodes having 6TB HDDs
> * Add new node with new 12TB HDDs

Halving IOPS-per-TB?

> Is it supported/recommended to pack 2 6TB HDDs handled by 2
> old OSDs into 1 12TB LVM disk handled by 1 new OSD ?

The OSDs are just random daemons, what matters to chunk
distribution in Ceph is buckets, and in this case leaf buckets.

So it all depends on the CRUSH map but I suspect that
manipulating it so that two existing leaf buckets become one is
not possible or too tricky to attempt.

One option would be to divide the 12TB disk in 2 partitions/LVs
of 6TB and run 2 OSDs against it. It is not recommended, but I
don't see a big issue in this case other than IOPS-per-TB.
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