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First, an abject apology for the horrors I'm about to unveil. I made a
cold migration from GlusterFS to Ceph a few months back, so it was a
learn-/screwup/-as-you-go affair.

For reasons of presumed compatibility with some of my older servers, I
started with Ceph Octopus. Unfortunately, Octopus seems to have been a
nexus of transitions from older Ceph organization and management to a
newer (cephadm) system combined with a relocation of many ceph
resources and compounded by stale bits of documentation (notably some
references to SysV procedures and an obsolete installer that doesn't
even come with Octopus).

A far bigger problem was a known issue where actions would be scheduled
but never executed if the system was even slightly dirty. And of
course, since my system was hopelessly dirty, that was a major issue.
Finally I took a risk and bumped up to Pacific, where that issue no
longer exists. I won't say that I'm 100% clean even now, but at least
the remaining crud is in areas where it cannot do any harm. Presumably.

Given that, the only bar now remaining to total joy has been my
inability to connect via the Ceph Dashboard to the Object Gateway.

This seems to be an oft-reported problem, but generally referenced
relative to higher-level administrative interfaces like Kubernetes and
rook. I'm interfacing more directly, however. Regardless, the error
reported is notably familiar:

The Object Gateway Service is not configured
Error connecting to Object Gateway: RGW REST API failed request with
status code 404
d":"tx00' b'000dd0c65b8bda685b4-00652d8e0f-5e3a9b-
default","HostId":"5e3a9b-default-defa' b'ult"}')
Please consult the documentation on how to configure and enable the
Object Gateway management functionality. 

In point of fact, what this REALLY means in my case is that the bucket
that is supposed to contain the necessary information for the dashboard
and rgw to communicate has not been created. Presumably that SHOULDhave
been done by the "ceph dashboard set-rgw-credentials" command, but
apparently isn't, because the default zone has no buckets at all, much
less one named "default".

By way of reference, the dashboard is definitely trying to interact
with the rgw container, because trying object gateway options on the
dashboard result in the container logging the following.

beast: 0x7efd29621620: - dashboard [16/Oct/2023:19:25:03.678
+0000] "GET /default/metadata/user?myself HTTP/1.1" 404

To make everything happy, I'd be glad to accept instructions on how to
manually brute-force construct this bucket.

Of course, as a cleaner long-term solution, it would be nice if the
failure to create could be detected and logged.

And of course, the ultimate solution: something that would assist in
making whatever processes are unhappy be happy.

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