Unable to delete rbd images

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Hello All,
Greetings. We've a Ceph Cluster with the version
*ceph version 14.2.16-402-g7d47dbaf4d
(7d47dbaf4d0960a2e910628360ae36def84ed913) nautilus (stable)

Issues: Can't able to delete rbd images

We have deleted target from the dashboard and now trying to delete rbd images from cli but not able to delete.

when we ran "rbd rm -f tegile-500tb -p iscsi-images" its returning
2023-10-16 15:22:16.719 7f90bb332700 -1 librbd::image::PreRemoveRequest: 0x7f90a80041a0 check_image_watchers: image has watchers - not removing
Removing image: 0% complete...failed.
rbd: error: image still has watchers
This means the image is still open or the client using it crashed. Try again after closing/unmapping it or waiting 30s for the crashed client to timeout.

It is also not being deleted from dashboard.

Even we tried to list the watcher but it is not returning anything like no such file or directory ,


"rbd info iscsi-images/tegile-500tb"
rbd: error opening image tegile-500tb: (2) No such file or directory


It is not showing on "rbd showmapped" output as well for that particular images, hence we can not unmap it.

We can not restart iscsi gateway because that is being running and we can not interrupt it. 


Suggest how to fix this issue,
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