Re: Please help collecting stats of Ceph monitor disk writes

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> so that an average number of compactions per hour can be calculated

For this you need the time window length for the counts. That's not automatic with the command you sent. For example, my MON log file started at 4am in the morning, there was a logrotate. So the assumption that the current time and count will give a correct average for the day starting at 00:00 failed in my situation. To get a correct count for today I would have had to combine 2 log files and send you the current time and count:

# grep -i "manual compaction from" /var/log/ceph/ceph-mon.ceph-01.log-20231013 /var/log/ceph/ceph-mon.ceph-01.log | grep "2023-10-13" | wc -l
# grep -i "manual compaction from" /var/log/ceph/ceph-mon.ceph-01.log | grep "2023-10-13" | wc -l
# date
Fri Oct 13 16:07:57 CEST 2023

Apart from that, I agree that a shorter time window will do. Its the start time of the log that's missing.

Best regards,
Frank Schilder
AIT Risø Campus
Bygning 109, rum S14
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